Cornerstone 4.1 is now available! Shelve binaries, unregister license keys and more. Release notes.

Release Notes for (Release Candidate)

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Resolved Issues

# Issue Description
357 Serial number field in license entry sheet does not size correctly
359 Inspector fields are not selectable
360 Browser content splitview is not resized correctly with main window resize
361 Add Repository’ toolbar item title is inconsistent with menu items
363 Add Subversion ‘Red Book’ to application as documentation
364 Modify placeholder view to include documentation links
365 Add ‘Request Support’ item to Help menu
130 Create quick reference card

Release Notes for (Beta 2)

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Resolved Issues

# Issue Description
301 Incorrect error when attempting to register blacklisted license
302 License fields are still editable after registration
303 No error message displayed when creating directory with name of existing directory
304 Renaming folder with invalid characters in name results in strange behavior
307 Importing over directory which already exists leads to ugly error message
308 Checking out working copy over an existing directory does not result in an error
310 Repeated drag from repository to application such as TextMate causes overwrite prompt and recipient fails to open file
311 Error caused by attempting to rename a locked file
312 Lock filter doesn’t work for repository view
317 Renaming a deleted file in working copy causes silent error
318 Attempting to commit changes to an unowned locked file causes unfriendly error
319 Content toolbar button always displays content at bottom, even if content view is currently at right
333 Dragging file with space in name from repository export results in URL-encoded name
334 Cannot save changes to properties for multiple selection when new value is same as one or more selected file
336 Tasks no longer monitored in history window after window closed in multi-window mode
337 Up/Down history toolbar buttons not updated after track view selection change
338 Filter log items by message text fails to find matches
340 History field search fields do not scroll horizontally
341 Add lock/unlock to file menu
342 Attempting to lock file in repository accessed without authentication results in error
343 Working copy lock filter only filters for owned locks
344 Unversioned files can be locked, resulting in an error
346 Working copy should copy paths both paths and NSFilenamesPboardType to pasteboard
349 Cannot import single files into repository using file browser
350 Add Check Out item to Working Copy menu
352 Dragging file from finder to working copy and overwriting existing versioned file causes file to be deleted from working copy