Cornerstone 4.1 is now available! Shelve binaries, unregister license keys and more. Release notes.

Cornerstone v1.0 Released

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In February 2007 we set ourselves the task of developing the Subversion client that the Mac deserves. And we thought that the best way to do this would be to build the best Subversion application not just on Mac OS X, but on any platform.

We wanted to make an application which would make version control usable and, most-of-all, approachable to Mac users. We decided to use Subversion as a basis for a number of reasons. First, it’s a relatively simple, yet powerfully flexible system. Second, it’s wildly popular. Third, it is under constant development and therefore holds much potential for the future. That fact that Subversion’s APIs are of a high-quality and generously published under the BSD license also helped!

But most importantly, we felt we could bring something unique to the table by combining the power of Subversion with the elegance of Mac OS X.

Cornerstone v1.0 is the result.

So after almost 18 months of designing, coding and testing; after almost 1.5 years of living and breathing Xcode, Interface Builder, Instruments, Photoshop, TextMate and Trac, here it is and it’s available for download and purchase immediately.

We hope you like it and use it.

We hope it becomes a valuable part of your coding tool-chain.

Finally, Cornerstone incorporates open-source and public-domain code from numerous individuals and organizations, not least of course Subversion itself. The full list of licensed components is included with the application in the form of an acknowledgements document (available in the application’s Help menu). We hope that those that have unknowingly (unwittingly?) contributed to Cornerstone feel their contributions are attributed to them in suitable fashion.

Press Release

Cornerstone v1.0 Available » Press Release

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ZURICH, Switzerland – June 23rd 2008

Cornerstone, Zennaware’s Subversion client for Mac OS X reached v1.0 today after over 15 months of intensive development and testing. With integrated working copy and repository browsers as well as visual compare and history tools, we are confident that Cornerstone is the best Subversion client not just on Mac OS X, but any platform.

Cornerstone ships as a universal binary, supporting both Intel and G4 & G5 PowerPC processors on both Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger and 10.5 Leopard. Mac OS X 10.4.11 or 10.5.3 or newer are recommended.

A single-user Cornerstone license is available immediately for the introductory price of $59. This introductory pricing offer extends to July 31st, 2008. 5- and 10-user license packs are also available for $259 and $449 respectively. Users can purchase licenses securely from, receiving their license information via email.

A free 14-day trial version of the application can be downloaded from the product’s site at The trial version can be permanently unlocked by entering the license information received via email with the purchase receipt.

More information about Cornerstone including screenshots and a product overview is available on the product’s web-site.


About Zennaware

Zennaware is a small independent software vender which develops high-quality applications exclusively for Apple’s Mac line of computers to run on Mac OS X. Zennaware is located just outside Zurich in Switzerland.

Press Contacts

For press-related questions please contact

Release Notes for (v1.0 Release)

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Known Issues

  1. SVN+SSH connectivity requires the use of a public/private key-pair. Use of password-only authentication is not supported in this version.
  2. The RSA key fingerprint stored by the local SSH client must have been accepted before attempting to connect to the repository using Cornerstone. See Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information.

Resolved Issues

# Description
369 Create Repository path entry is inconsistent with other sheets
370 Path entry should be changed from label-style text field with button to a popup menu button
371 Registrations can’t be renamed using double-click
372 Activate application when dragging to repository and prompting for options with Option-drag
373 Import: New or old working copy name not accepted/used when OK clicked with mouse
377 Subversion version information is missing from about window
378 Credits field in about window is editable
379 Incorrect trial period duration displayed in trial period expiration sheet
381 Directories can be locked causing error
383 Folder revision isn’t updated correctly while browsing
380 Lock status is not displayed reliably
386 User can choose a non-working copy directory in Open Working Copy’s file popup
387 Change count should be displayed in log message sheet
388 Missing files and folders can be renamed
389 Added-in-repository files can be renamed, deleted, exported, locked
291 Clicking header of image-based column in log message sheet causes exceptions
391 Folder nested change indicator not displayed for replaced items
393 Copy/Move options attached window uses encoded name for repository nodes
394 Main window isn’t activated when dragging from Finder to working copy
392 Cannot move or copy added or replaced files in working copy until committed
396 Dragging conflicted files should not be possible
397 Renaming conflicted file should not be possible
399 Remove information bar from bottom of node browser views
403 Missing files cannot be deleted
404 Add Release Notes to Application’s Help Menu
405 Add FAQ Document to Application’s Help Menu
406 Dragging file from working copy with Finder to different working copy in Cornerstone results in destination being scheduled for deletion
416 ‘Revert to Last Commit’ menu item text is incorrect/inaccurate
420 URL displayed in working copy inspector is incorrect for external references
421 Out-of-date working copy items can’t be locked
422 Ignored file can be locked, leading to error message