Cornerstone 4.1 is now available! Shelve binaries, unregister license keys and more. Release notes.

Release Notes for (v1.0.3)

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Known Issues

  1. SVN+SSH connectivity requires the use of a public/private key-pair. Use of password-only authentication is not supported in this version.
  2. The RSA key fingerprint stored by the local SSH client must have been accepted before attempting to connect to the repository using Cornerstone. See Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information.

Resolved Issues

# Description
468 New Folder window can be displayed offscreen
473 Visual glitch (i.e. screen cheese) in node inspector
489 Finder Icon? files are not handled correctly. Icon? files are now automatically ignored.
491 Commit selection should be disabled if an ignored file is selected
492 License trial period is always expired on NFS volumes
493 Caching log which contain items for which the user does not have permissions causes error
499 Can’t send support request if Mac model isn’t recognized
500 License registration is ‘lost’ when preference synching is enabled between two Macs.