Cornerstone 4.1 is now available! Shelve binaries, unregister license keys and more. Release notes.

Release Notes for (v1.0.4)

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Known Issues

  1. SVN+SSH connectivity requires the use of a public/private key-pair. Use of password-only authentication is not supported in this version.
  2. The RSA key fingerprint stored by the local SSH client must have been accepted before attempting to connect to the repository using Cornerstone. See Frequently Asked Questions for more detailed information.

Resolved Issues

# Description
Corrected Library/Caches folder in How do I Uninstall Cornerstone? section of FAQ.
Added I can’t connect to a repository via SSH when my user name contains an @ character. What can I do? section to FAQ.
432 Error is raised when examining file contents from repository via HTTP on port other than 80
504 server certificate rejected by some Macs during license registration
509 Can’t export files from repositories with non-standard port specified in URL
537 Ctrl+click doesn’t display action menu for files and folders in browser view