Release Notes for (v1.1.7)

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Resolved Issues

# Description
Updated the FAQ to include information about changes in Pages', Numbers' and Keynote's file formats with iWork '09 which enable these files to be managed by Subversion without issue.
664 Selecting path in working copy sheet after entry of nickname results in an error.
665 Save file sheet displayed by history Export function is closed when “New Folder” button is pressed.
668 Error is displayed in browser for working copies containing externals in symlinked folders.
669 Error is displayed by browser for working copies which contain externals located in unversioned folders.
670 Items in log message “Recent Messages” list can be edited.
671 BBEdit integration broken with BBEdit version 9.1.
672 “Cannot display the contents of the selected file” is displayed for text files which have a svn:mime-type which is not recognized by Mac OS X.