Cornerstone 4.1 is now available! Shelve binaries, unregister license keys and more. Release notes.

Release Notes for (v1.5.2)

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Resolved Issues

# Description
862 A working copy which is missing the root .svn folder can’t be removed from the source list
867 Cmd+U key equivalent for Update to Latest Revision doesn’t work on Snow Leopard
872 Info button in image compare view’s horizontal scroll bar is not tiled correctly on Mac OS X Snow Leopard
873 Icon is not displayed for external compare tool buttons when tool is selected which is not installed
874 History traversal is incorrect for items copied from a revision when the repository previously contained an item with the same path
875 Cornerstone should display End-User License Agreement (EULA) when launched for the first time
876 Escape key equivalent for Cancel button in Commit view can stop working
877 Cornerstone can crash under certain situations when removing a source from the source list
878 Timeline’s “Changes with message containing text…” filter always displays all revisions
879 Upgrade 1.6-level Subversion to 1.6.6
880 Right click menu for issue ticket links in the log view should not include open-related items