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A Walk in the Park. Taking a look back at one of the visuals created for Cornerstone 1.5.

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For the release of Cornerstone 1.5 we wanted to design a set of marketing visuals that we hoped would be compelling. To achieve this lofty goal we convinced ourselves that we needed a new software application and so ended up purchasing Luxology’s Modo in the hope that it would inspire us (and just because we love 3D graphics).

The first task was to recreate the Cornerstone logo in 3D. Modo is a pretty heavyweight application and the learning curve for creating even simple shapes is pretty steep but after a fair bit of tinkering we nailed it. The most frustrating part was getting the boolean operations that ‘cut’ the ‘S’ shape out of the cornerstone to work properly.

After further tinkering we stumbled across Modo’s support for replicators and the ability to create lifelike fur materials. We thought these were superb and ended up applying them to our new pristine 3D logo with some really pleasing results.

In fact we thought it was so cool we tried to justify using it by associating it with various slogans such as ‘Cornerstone 1.5. It’s furry good’. Or ‘Cornerstone 1.5. Cuddly version control’.

None of these really worked, as we’re sure you agree!

Now we’re not the type of guys that give up too easily and obsessing about it further opened our eyes to a new type of fur: grass! Now grass is basically green fur, but what that meant was that we could now create a living, breathing miniature world out of our Cornerstone logo. The cornerstone block itself would be a garden or park and the ‘S’ would represent a path through the grass.

Adding the geometries for the figures, bin (or trash can), sign post, bench and tree along with the path texture and environment mapping really brought the scene to life. To enhance the miniature nature of the scene we applied a shallow depth of field or ’tilt-shift’ effect to the final render in post processing.

For version 1.5 we ended up using the slogan ‘Cornerstone 1.5. Finely crafted version control for the Mac.’ but for the sake of this article and because it’s my personal favorite I’ve updated the visual with the slogan you can see below.

A higher resolution version can be found here.

Release Notes for 2.0.3

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2.0.3 is a maintenance release which solves issues uncovered since the release of 2.0.

2.0.3 is a recommended update for all users running 2.0.

Resolved Issues

# Description
1010 The path type option (relative or absolute) has no effect when saving differences as a patch while the compare view is active. The option should be disabled and relative paths should always be used in the output file
1014 Cornerstone crashes after switch to the merge view for 1.4-format working copies checked out using the svn:// protocol
1015 Synchronization merging is not supported by Subversion 1.4 and should be disabled for 1.4 format working copies
1018 Software update-related preferences should be moved to a dedicated preference pane
1020 Exposé detects the compare view’s ‘Loading…’ bezel window resulting in incorrect Exposé layout
1022 Cornerstone crashes when a commit as part of a repository move/copy operation fails due to a blocking pre-commit hook

Release Notes for 2.0.2

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2.0.2 is a maintenance release which solves issues uncovered since the release of 2.0.

2.0.2 is a recommended update for all users running 2.0.

Resolved Issues

# Description
985 Resizing the main window to be smaller than the content in the default content view results in layout issues
987 Cornerstone raises an error when clicking ‘Show Contents’ for an empty text file
988 Path popover flickers if displayed when scrolling vertically in an externals window
991 Change Codesion banner text from ‘Cohesion in Code Control’ to ‘Cloud Services’
992 Add syntax highlighting support for the Lua programming language
994 Path popover in externals window is incorrectly redisplayed when scrolled back into view after previously being hidden
995 Path popover is incorrectly displayed when typing into a path field which has been scrolled out of view
996 Timeline’s popover tooltip is not hidden if the escape key is pressed to exit the view
997 Merge dry run errors (such as cancellations) that result from user interaction should not be written to the system log
998 Vertical scroll position of log message field in timeline popover tooltip is not always reset when switching between revisions
1001 The file browser’s search field drop down menu contains just a separator when no searches have been defined
1003 Disable auto-completion in the log message sheet for repository changes
1004 Cornerstone hangs when parsing LaTeX files which use the “\left[” or “\right[” commands
1005 Refreshing log view opened for a repository file or folder results in a “The folder is not a Subversion working copy” error
1006 Refreshing log view for working copy folder unnecessarily contacts repository resulting in the application blocking for a short time