Checking Out a Working Copy

You will need to add your repository to Cornerstone before you can check out a working copy.

  1. Select the repository in the source list that contains the files you want to check out.
  2. Browse the repository and locate the top-level folder which contains your project’s files. This may be the project’s trunk or a folder on a branch.
  3. Select Working Copy > Check Out Working Copy… or select Check Out Working Copy… from the folder’s right-click menu.

    You can also click the Check Out button Check Out Toolbar Icon in the toolbar.

  4. Use the field labelled Save As to specify the name of the working copy directory.
  5. Select the folder in which the working copy will be located.
  6. Click Check Out to check out the working copy.

The check out panel also contains a set of more advanced options:

If you encounter the error message Unable to contact repository at <server> when checking out a project even though the check out process appeared to complete successfully, check that repositories referenced by svn:externals can be reached and that the URLs are correct.

This error is particularly likely if you are using a local repository and then attempt to check out a project with external references to a public repository on the Internet when you do not have Internet access.