Adding an Existing Local File Repository

To connect to a local file repository:

  1. Select File > Add Repository… (or click the button located at the bottom of the source list and select Add Repository…)
  2. Select the File Repository button at the top of the displayed sheet:

    File Repository

  3. Click on the switch button labelled Add Existing Repository.
  4. Select the location of repository’s folder using the Where popup menu.
  5. Use the Nickname field to specify the name used to represent the repository in the source list. The nickname does not have to correspond to the path or name of the repository.
  6. Click the Add button to open the repository.

Alternatively, you can drag a repository folder from the Finder onto Cornerstone’s repository source list.

The sheet will autofill if the pasteboard contains a path or file:// URL when the sheet is opened. You can click the Reset button to clear the autofilled contents if required.

You should never access a repository on a mounted network drive with the file:// protocol. Instead you should setup an HTTP or SVN server if you need to share the repository between several team members. See Setting up an SVN Server for information on setting up an SVN Server.

Cornerstone can only connect to FSFS (i.e. File System file system) repositories. Berkeley DB repositories are not supported.