Committing Changes to the Repository

Committing the Selection

To commit local changes in your working copy to the repository:

  1. Select one or more items in the working copy. Use the Cmd (⌘) key to select multiple items. The Shift (⇧) key can be used to select ranges of items.
  2. Select Working Copy > Commit Changes… (key equivalent ⌘T) to push the items’ latest revisions from working copy to the repository.

    Alternatively, select Commit Changes… from the items’ right-click menu or click the Commit button in the toolbar:

  3. Cornerstone scans the selection for local modifications and terminates the commit if no modifications are found.
  4. The commit view is shown. See The Commit View for more information.
  5. Type a message into the first field which describes the changes being committed.
  6. Click the Commit Changes button to commit the files to the repository.

    Alternatively, press the ⌘T key combination.

Committing the Entire Working Copy

To commit the entire working copy to the repository:

  1. Select the working copy in the source list.
  2. Select Working Copy > Commit Changes….

    Alternatively, select Commit Changes… from the working copy’s action menu (or right-click menu).

The Working Copy menu also contains an alternate item to force commit of the entire working copy regardless of the selection and active view.

Access this alternate menu item (Working Copy > Commit All Changes…, key equivalent ⌥⌘T) by pulling fown the Working Copy menu and then pressing the Option button.

The alternate menu item can also be accessed by holding down the Option key while pressing the Commit toolbar item.

See Alternate Menu Functions for more information on Cornerstone’s alternate menu functions.