Cornerstone Pricing Changes

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Since its introduction, the single-user Cornerstone license has been priced at a discounted $59 introductory price (the 5- and 10-user packs were not discounted).

Prior to the introduction of v1.0, our intention had been to target a non-discounted price of $69 for the single-user license but to permanently reduce this to $59 with the introduction of v1.1 if the US Dollar/Swiss Franc exchange rate allowed.

Unfortunately, the recent turmoil in the financial markets and downturn in the US economy have resulted in the US Dollar maintaining its weak position against both the Swiss Franc and Euro. With the majority of our customers located in the United States we find ourselves unable to maintain the current $59 introductory price point.

The price of the single-user license has therefore been increased to $69 with the introduction of v1.1.

The pricing of the 5- and 10-user license pack remains the same at $259 and $449 respectively.