Cornerstone v1.1 Released

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We have received literally thousands of mails from users in the four months since the release of Cornerstone v1.0 requesting new features and suggesting improvements.

We have listened very carefully to this input and worked hard to improve Cornerstone in a number of ways:

  1. Performance

    We received a lot of feedback that Cornerstone’s working copy and repository browsers weren’t as snappy as they should have been in v1.0, so we made this our number one priority for this release.

  2. Compatibility

    Subversion v1.5 was released too late for Cornerstone v1.0 so adding support to v1.1 became a top priority as user feedback made it clear that Subversion users are quickly transitioning to 1.5.

  3. New Features

    Several commonly-requested features were added such as full documentation in Apple Help Book format, the ability to edit repository attributes and the display of hyperlinks for issue tracking numbers in the history browser.

  4. Usability Improvements

    We have responded to user feedback by integrating over 25 improvements into v1.1 to improve usability and reduce the time it takes to perform routine tasks.

  5. Bug Fixes

    In total, over 80 issues have been implemented/fixed, including numerous bug fixes and enhancement requests resulting directly from user feedback.

We feel that these improvements combine to make v1.1 a significant release. See the application’s release notes for a detailed summary of the changes made for v1.1.

v1.1 is a free upgrade for all v1.0 license holders and is available for immediate download.