Cornerstone 4.2 is now available! Dark mode, full macOS 10.15 support, in-app license key management, and more. Release notes.

Cornerstone 2.7.16 Release Notes

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2.7.16 is a free upgrade for all Cornerstone 2 license holders that fixes issues uncovered since the release of 2.7. It also improves compatibility with OS X 10.10 Yosemite.

See Cornerstone 2.7 Release Notes for more information on the new features and improvements introduced with 2.7.

Please note that Cornerstone 2.7.16 no longer supports Subversion versions 1.4 and 1.5. If you require support for these legacy versions of Subversion then we recommend you continue to use Cornerstone 2.7.14.

2.7.16 runs on OS X 10.7 and later.

Important Information for Mac App Store Users

We have taken the unusual step of publishing this version to direct customers without waiting for the Mac App Store review process to complete. 2.7.16 will be released to the Mac App Store as soon as it has been accepted by Apple’s review team.

Mac App Store users affected by the issues outlined below can download the trial version of Cornerstone 2.7.16 from our site as a temporary workaround until 2.7.16 becomes available in the Mac App Store.

Resolved Issues

  • Cornerstone displays an unexpected error when choosing “Select…” from the popup button labeled “Where” in the check out options window
  • An error is displayed when switching to the timeline view under certain circumstances.